Healing Hands

    Helping you to feel good in your body and thrive!


It is my honor to be your Holistic Health Practitioner as I assist you to heal your body into optimal health.  This is done by moving energy.  I talk with your body by using my hands & heart to work with your unique Human Energy System - Chakras, Biofield and Hara Line. 
    Together you and I are bio-tuning your individual frequencies, into energetic harmony.  We locate and remove any congestion that is creating blocks in the flow of your energy - root caused in unprocessed emotions.  Clogged energy pathways are a cause of physical pain, injury, illness and disease. When energy blocks are removed, energy flows. Where energy goes, blood flows; bringing in the necessary oxygen, nutrients, and hormones all the way down to the cellular level. The blood than removes waste products that no longer serve to support the body's health.  The human body knows exactly what to doc and is able to take care of the rest because the pathways are clear, connected open and balanced.  The outcomes people can then experience are greater physical vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual connection.
  I specialize in Medical Intuitive readings, Energetic Clearings, and Hands on Healing to create balance and harmony of the body, mind and spirit.   My goal is to help you feel empowered to take control of your heath and create positive lasting change. I am passionate about creating a safe & comfortable space for healing and transformation by helping people to connect with their own inner wisdom.

What can I assist you to shift into alignment and optimal health?
Intuitive Healing sessions are offered private & group,  In-Person & Distance via voice or video call